The Knightcote Herd, Pedigree South Devon Cattle - Chesterton Fields Farm, Chesterton, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Polled South Devon Cattle
Welcome to The Knightcote Herd of Pedigree South Devon Cattle who are based in South Warwickshire.
The herd were founded in 1977 by John and Jean Hadley who were looking for a versatile breed to start their herd.
With Jean coming from a strong background of Dairy Shorthorns and Herefords together with John's family business of Butchers they agreed that South Devon cattle were the ideal breed with its adaptable characteristics. 
Over the last 20 years the Knightcote Herd have actively pursued the polled strain of breeding, producing stock that would work, walk and carry confirmation on a strong frame.  They have successfully developed a herd that contain award winning Polled South Devon Cattle from quality breeding stock.

The Knightcote Herd, Colcharton Demetrius, Hadley Farms Limited
The award winning "Colcharton Demetrius"
Reserve National Herd Competition 2013
Breed Champion - Moreton-in-the-Marsh Show 2012
Best Bull in National Herd Competition 2012
Reserve Best Bull in National Herd Competition 2011

 Knightcote Pearl shown here by Francesca Hadley
Knightcote Pearl was unbeaten in the 2013 show season

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